Apr 05

multiplication moves: a field guide for churches parenting churches

Multiplication Moves helpfully guides readers through the fine details of what it takes to parent a new church  Dr.Ed Stetzer

Multiplication Moves provides a practical framework to help churches actively engage th eprocess of starting new congregations. Don’t just read this book, do it! Dr.Bob Logan

Available thorugh Faith Alive Resources  April 23, 2012

Mar 30

Are you an accidental diminisher?

Thanks to Liz Wiseman and her book Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Better (Harper Collins 2011) and her free online “Are You an Accidental Diminisher” assessment.  Take the quiz at

Mar 27

the psychology of m-moves

erik erikson (1902-1994) was a developmental psychologist who gave us all langage to describe the growth emotions that mark our human journey. beginning with the struggle between trust vs. mistrust, erikson understood the passages we all make on or way to maturity.

starting in the late 30′s and extending through our 60′s erikson identified a fundamental struggle between generativity (the urge to help others succeed and advance) and stagnation (the temptation to grasp and self serve).  generativity, erikson believed, is the healthy pathway of those who understand they are at their very best when they lay a foundation for others to launch from toward success.

parenting a new church springs from the hearts of leaders who hear god’s voice. it also is hard wired into us from our creator who designed us to ‘bear much fruit’. little wonder so many find it so satisfying. generativity!

Mar 24

heart to heart to heart: what it really takes to get off the parenting dime

Those of us who are stuck in the enlightenment rut revert habitually to reason as the lever of persuasion.  A few more facts…another graph…maybe some passion…cite some great sources…sound familiar?  In reality, persuasion requires head and heart and heart often matters most.  The heart of the leader, heart of the board and heart of the congregation are the 3 keys to early advance in a m-move.  Stories…first hand experiences…pictures…a new relationship…tools to open the heart and mind to see the future in a new way.  m-move.

Mar 20

Feeling stuck unable to m-move? Watch this.

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